I'd like to find a two-pane Windows application as a quick way to save code snippets that I'm likely to need again one day.

Something like Cintanotes or ActionOutline, but meant to handle source code in the right pane (eg. fixed-size font, support for (SHIFT+)TAB to intend, won't mess with TABs when pasting Python, etc)

Do you know of any, either open- or closed-source, free or commercial?

Thank you.

enter image description here

Edit: After trying a bunch of them, it looks like Keynote NF — successor of the long deceased Keynote — foots the bill. Last updated Apr 30, 2017.

Edit: After a bit more search, turns out 2do is what I was looking for. Very simple UI, saves data as plain text. Deadware (last update 1.3.3, 21 Aug 2001), but who cares.

Edit: Yet another alternative, and still under development, is AbstractSpoon's ToDoList, whose UI can be simplified to just hold items + contents in a two-pane interface :

enter image description here

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