Recently I've needed to convert an SWF file to a video file(basically any other format will do), but almost no software supports this, or it's really bad quality, so I came here.

All the "shapes" of the flash file are SVG "files" so flash players in Chrome, MPC-HC and the Flash Player projector basically turn it into a higher resolution.

I want (the name of) a program that can:

  1. turn SVG files into video files of a higher resolution than the SWF file dimensions
  2. run on Windows 10
  3. be in English or maybe Dutch
  4. be free
  5. be able to export to a lossless avi file (not really needed but it would be nice)
  6. be able to take the audio as well (not really needed either, but would be nice)

Ok, so I got After Effects to import it and "render" it, but it was only 480×360 because that is the "stage" an changing the "scale" property just scaled it up as it was.

I've also tried:

  • FFmpeg (just showed the first asset in the SWF file with the sound playing over it)
  • Handbrake (same as FFmpeg)
  • Vlc (showed the same as FFmpeg, did not try to use it to convert it)
  • FFDec to turn it into a fla file and open it in:

    Adobe Animate (misaligned some shapes)

    Adobe Flash CS3 (didn't recognise the fla file)

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I used FFDec to remove the Protected tag in the SWF file and then imported it into Adobe Animate and then was able to export it to everything Adobe Media Encoder supports.

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