I am looking for a free software tool that periodically (daily) gives me an overview of a PC at a different location.

The overview then contains at least:

  • how many times / how many minutes of processor load > 90% (90 is an example value);
  • ditto for memory
  • notification if the hard disk gets <5% free space etc. - system crashes, etc.

In addition, it would be nice if this is possible:

  • gives notification when new programs are installed / updated
  • gives notification when windows updates are installed
  • reports a crash or incorrect termination.

I am thinking of a program that can send me an overview every day, or place a file on the remote pc, so that I can read it on my request, so that I can keep abreast of the performance of the system.

I am not looking for detailed log file generator which are used for deeply analysis in case of issues, this is more to get an high level overview of general system usage.

Both pcs run Windows 10. If possible, a free tool / solution.

Who has ideas, tips?

Thanks in advance. M.

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