Summary: I am looking for services out there that can deliver alerts to me on and given keyword or phrase, a monitoring service or even a web scraping service that can report as many changes on the web pertaining to those keywords. RSS is ideal. Successfully have a program using Google Alerts, but I want to expand on this.

I have a programming project on a server that listens for RSS feed changes, and comprises a list of those changes. I can pick keywords to listen for and have Google Alerts auto generate an RSS feed for me base on each of those keywords (each keyword having it's own RSS URL),

I am venturing past Google Alerts, and want to add more resources perhaps from web-scraping services...

There are a handful of services I've been directed to that I am going to try, and I just want to clarify with anyone who is familiar with such services.

Here are a few I found... untried:

mention.com outwit.com import.io scrapinghub 80legs scrapestorm datafiniti.com octoparse.com

I know that Apache kafka, and other apache projects are used for massive high speed stream analytics. Wondering how that would work, if at all applicable to my requirements.

Any other suggestions?

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