I am wondering If there any good program, which can simulate text typing from clipboard, especially for Visual Studio?

I have tried AutoHotKey, but it works awfully with line endings, tabs and curly braces. It produces a mess, instead of beautiful code from clipboard.


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ArsClip is a Clipboard Manager that can mimic typing instead of traditional paste.

Windows only.


It might be a bit of a silly suggestion, but since you've mentioned Visual Studio I assume you are capable of at least some basic programming. What you can do is create a WinForms application which listens for a specific key/key combo (you might want WinAPI hooking specifically for that, there are guides online for this, IIRC you need to import like 2 functions from User32.dll and pass along the keycodes to listen for), and once your triggers are met, get text from the clipboard (using the Clipboard class in System.Windows.Forms) and pass it to the SendKeys class (also from the Forms namespace). You will need to do some string replacements for it to work with newlines and tabs as these are encoded with a specific format in SendKeys (think codes like "{Tab}").

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    Yep, you're totally right, I'm capable of programming at C# language. However, I thought that for such simple task, a simple relevant solution must be exists. It's really hard to trust that this is only my idea to simulate text typing from clipboard. That's why I prefer to find existing solution, at least before trying to do it myself.
    – Yurii N.
    Commented May 1, 2020 at 13:45

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