I'm looking for an application that would let me download YouTube videos as video files in 4k, 1080p, 720p hd resolutions.

Don't care much about the format being saved as long as MX Player can play it out of the box.

I'm not an expert on different formats of YouTube videos; if there are different ones, the software must support them all. Must save both video and audio.

  • Freeware or Paid
  • Automatic acknowledgment if some video triggers "18+ years only" warning.
  • Ability to download batches (e.g. that accepts a list of URLs)
  • Ability to include/add subtitles
  • Ability to remember download history, e.g. do "Download all videos from the channel you didn't already download".
  • Skip advertisements. Not a problem if it doesn't.
  • While waiting for answers, be welcome to check with my corresponding app list. I hope you're ware that you won't find such an app on Google Play, as the TOS of YT/Google forbid that? Which means you'd need to revert to installing from "unknown sources", which bears a certain risk if you don't know you can trust the source. YoutubeDownloader looks pretty clean, but no guarantees. – Izzy Apr 27 at 20:48

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