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Hello, I recently came up with a project, on implementing a booking/travel website. I will be using PostgreSQL for the database, and maybe MongoDB (NoSQL) in the future for analytics and marketing. For the backend will be using Node.js, with express and implement a GraphQL API, and for the frontend will be using React.js with Relay. So, after some research, I found out that the two major GraphQL Server libraries, are Apollo Server and express-graphql. Also, I found that this GitHub repository, where it benchmarked a variety of GraphQL Server libraries, and the results were that express-graphql with graphql-jit is the best combination if you want to have high performance. Furthermore, I found that Apollo Server has some issues with performance, but I do not know if they are fixed. By the way, I will be using also DataLoader to achieve higher performance.

So, what should I use? I know that Apollo Server comes with great support, documentation, tools, extensions and a dashboard (admin - Apollo Engine), but it comes with a price (both money and performance), and express-graphql is not used so much by developers, but it is fast and I do not have to pay for commercial use. Last but not least, should I use a service with PostgreSQL, such as Hasura, Prisma or Prisma?

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