I want to have something like calendar where I can set reminders for my kid to do something. It should popup on his screen, make long sound/ringtone and it is supposed to be configured remotely.

Google calendar or something like that would be good idea, but I've checked the sound settings there and they are very short one. Is there any other apps that would allow to do that or can I specify longer sounds for the reminders in the Google calendar?

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    Are paid apps OK? I'm using AppGenix' Business Calendar Pro where you can configure a ton (like how often and in what frequency to repeat the notification – which I set pretty high for me and found it "satisfyingly annoying" :D). The app works with any calendars available on the device (be it via Google Calendar or your own WebCal resources sync'd with e.g. DAVx5, freely available at F-Droid), so you can setup the alarms remotely as you wish. – Izzy Apr 24 '20 at 18:53

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