Are there any alternative X-Server implementations for use with X2Go other than vcxsvr and XMing?

For tele-working my company has set-up X2Go for accessing our Linux-based PCs remotely.

However, since many programs perform poorly over the remote connection I rely heavily on mixing local Windows 10 programs with remote programs using the -multiwindow option of the X-Server. Sadly, this has serious limitations with various X-server options:

  • The included vcxsrv crashed when launching git gui or gitk in multiwindow mode, and also with some other programs, making it unusable for me. The bidirectional keyboard is a bit unreliable too.
  • XMing (public domain release) doesn't crash but has several usability issues:
    1. Whenever a new window is opened, it is shifted slightly outside the screen and mouse clicks register shifted by even more.
    2. File selector dialogs are often larger than the screen, making various parts of the interface inaccessible, including the filename field.
    3. Both window icons and window previews are wrong in the Task-Switcher (Alt-Tab).
  • moboxterm has often been recommended as an alternative, but natively I cannot find a method to suspent and reconnect to remote sessions as with X2Go, or to use the X-Server of moboxterm with X2Go.

For all options I have installed the latest public* binary releases.

* I have just found out that the latest public release for XMing is from 2016, with later versions being purchase-only, with the private purchase confusingly being termed "donation". I don't know yet, if a newer version would fix the issues, and since the purchase process doesn't seem to be automated, I can't just try quickly.

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