I am looking for media server software that is (preferably) open source, able to stream video to almost every device via HTTP(S) and is compatible with Raspberry Pi. I can use Apache2 or NGINX.

I do not want a media server where I stream content from other computers outside of my network such as Plex. I want to have my own local content accessible from other devices. The program MUST stream the content using the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. No NAS, NFS, or DLNA. I do not want live data streams.

I am using NFS right now, but my phone does not support NFS and I would like a GUI that is not a file explorer.

I have looked a lot for this and I have a list of ones that do not fit this need at all (either because they promote piracy or they are not good options for my situation):

  • Plex (piracy)
  • Emby (piracy)
  • MistServer (not media server)
  • Streamhash (piracy)
  • OBS (not media server streaming)
  • openflixr (piracy)
  • Opencast (nas not media server)
  • XBMC/Kodi (piracy)
  • mplayer (no gui)
  • minidlna (does not support http(s) streaming)
  • freeNAS (404)
  • openmediavault (nas not media server)
  • bakamplayer (404)

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