Using Windows 7.

There are a lot of programs that OCR PDFs into text. But I'd like to do more. I'd like some software that will automatically select specific text and then automatically paste it into another software's forms.

I'm in an invoicing department in a major London hospital. The systems are antiquated. I'm physically looking at thousands of printed documents. Each invoice is two pages. I look at the page and type in a patient's identification number by hand, then bring up their invoice request. Then I type in the Invoice number, then the delivery note number, pick dates from a drop down, and the net amount. There is more then to reconciling the invoice, and making sure the numbers all add up. But the tedious part is looking at and entering these main four numbers and also getting the two 'dates'.

Of course all this should be automated. The entire invoice systems of third parties should integrate with the NHS system. But that is for another time! I just believe there must be a way to speed up some of this manual process so many of us are doing now.

First of all, there should be no need to print up thousands of invoices! They have them on PDF. Every company is different but often the ID numbers and invoice numbers are identifiable and in certain locations on the page. Just OCR the text means I could copy it, then paste the number in our program with an Alt-Tab. But even this process I think could be automated?

I have used a very simple macro recorder in the past that just replicates exact mouse movements and key strokes. So it could select text in a specific place on a form, then Alt Tab and paste in a specific place. And for now I'll probably use some version of that if just to save on physical keystrokes!

But i gotta think there is some kin of Macro that could, instead of following specific mouse movements (which means everything has to be in the exact right place), it could scan the document, extract the numbers I need, and systematically past them correctly in our program.

This is an cumbersome process that our hospital has been doing for years. With the current situation and people out sick, many of us have been recruited to help with the massive backlog. This job has to be done! Sadly it is a great drain on resources. If there's anything I can do, in a simple way, (without changing the entire software system!), then I need to explore it! I'm not a programmer but I am reasonably tech savvy and I tinker a lot. I'd appreciate any thoughts you have!

This is what awaits on my desk! Please help!

enter image description here

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