I have a terminal novice user-base who need to do some extremely light text editing from a console (authoring Git commits, etc.). I'd like to set EDITOR to something that keyboard binding-wise feels as much as possible like a standard "web browser text area" with Ctrl + S and Ctrl + Q to save/quit.

I've tried jed, ne, JOE, nano and micro, but none of them have all the features I'd like:

  1. Block selection: Shift-Arrow should expand the cursor in the appropriate direction to select a block, just like on Windows, Mac, GNOME, etc.

  2. Copy, Cut, andPaste: Should be Ctrl + C, Ctrl + X, and Ctrl + V

  3. Save: Should be Ctrl + S

  4. Quit: Should be Ctrl + Q

  5. Nice to have: an ncurses menubar (ala ne) that pop up when they press Esc

  6. Nice to have: Ctrl + F to find, Ctrl + G to find next

Any suggestions?


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You can customize key bindings for nano in /etc/nanorc



mcedit, which ships with Midnight-Commander (mc), a terminal orthodox file-manager. You will need to remap the keys in the file mc.keymap, though. For example, the defauls for copy, paste and cut are:

Store = ctrl-insert
Paste = shift-insert
Cut = shift-delete

Change them to

Store = ctrl-c
Paste = ctrl-v
Cut = ctrl-x

Also be sure to turn off Persistent selection in the editor Options > General menu. This makes selected text be replaced by what you type (if you type something).

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