Is there a Linux way that can be used to track package version change, or any file change?

For my own purpose I'm looking for a tool that:

  • takes in a saved status of the entire OS. And takes another state as an input and run comparison.
  • expresses the state by files' checksum (and maybe the last update timestamp).

So e.g. if there's a file with the same name between the OS' state A and state B whose checksum is different, then I can say there was a change.

Just to say I've done some research already, I've found the following tools. AFAICT, they can be used to check any change while the tool keeps running. While I think it's useful (I'm listing below just for record), that's not enough for my usecase. I want to be able to compare with the pre-recorded state like mentioned above, which I couldn't figure out each one has an ability to do so.

Or else, I was going to write a script that returns a list of all files on a disk with absolute path, checksum and timestamp for the last update. But I don't want to reinvent anything that already exists.

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    For /etc, there's e.g. etckeeper. But that covers only that one directory with all its contents. – Izzy Apr 14 '20 at 6:53
  • Sounds like you are describing Tripwire. – tripleee Apr 14 '20 at 8:53

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