I am looking for a command line tool (i.e. automatable from the command line) for OS X that can convert between various 3D modelling formats, and satisfies the following:

  • Supports any of the input formats from the list below (taken from here). However, my preferred input format is 3DS.

  • It must support Collada as an output format.

I am already aware of assimp which I can't use due to bugs in its Collada exporter.

3D Object Geometry Formats

  • "PLY" — PLY 3D geometry format (.ply)
  • "OFF", "NOFF" — 3D object file formats (.off, .coff, .noff, .cnoff)
  • "BYU" — BYU 3D geometry format (.byu)
  • "OBJ" — Wavefront OBJ format (.obj)
  • "VTK" — Visualization Toolkit 3D format (.vtk)

3D Viewing Formats

  • "X3D" — X3D XML geometry format (.x3d)
  • "JVX" — JavaView format (.jvx)
  • "VRML" — Virtual Reality Modeling Language format (.vrml)
  • Modeling & Rendering Formats
  • "Maya" — Maya entity files (.ma)
  • "POV" — POV-Ray ray-tracing object description format (.pov)
  • "LWO" — LightWave 3D file format (.lwo)
  • "3DS" — 3D Studio format (.3ds)
  • "RIB" — Renderman interchange format (.rib)

CAD-Related Formats

  • "DXF" — AutoCAD 2D & 3D formats (.dxf)
  • "STL" — stereolithography format (.stl)
  • "ZPR" — Z Corp. 3D printer format (.zpr)

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I would suggest taking a look at the Blender import and output formats - I am reasonably sure that most of what you are asking for are available. If they are you can run blender from the command line and invoke a python script that will, for example, import a file from one format, export it to your required format & quit.


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