I am looking for a software that takes a list of files and their associated volumes and playtimes and renders a result. It could take as input something like XSPF, but XSPF works just sequentially, e.g.:

  1. A.mp3
  2. B.mp3
  3. C.mp3

whereas I'm looking for something that can read and render multiple audio files, starting from various points, with various volume envelopes... Basically the basic DAW-like operations:

  • A.wav (start at 0:05, ramp up volume to -4dB over 10s)
  • B.wav (start at 0:00, at full volume)
  • C.wav (start at 0:30, from 0:10, end after 5s)

I am imagining it would take an XML or otherwise machine-readable description, load these audio files and render them into a single resulting audiofile. Basically a very stripped down DAW that one can operate from CLI.

I know about https://github.com/jiaaro/pydub/ which is fairly close, but I would prefer not having to write any Python code myself, just present it with a list of operations.


You can, potentially do this all from the command line with FFMPEG - however the command line tends to be long and convoluted the Audio page gives some examples.

You could take a look at using the Audio part of MoviePy which is a pythonic wrapper for FFMPEG operations.

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