I watch Twitch streams every day. Most of them listen to horrific, ear-torture "music" which is utterly unbearable. Asking them to turn it off results in a ban, resentment or being ignored at best. So that's not a solution. I've given up on trying to convince anyone about anything as it's exhausting and fruitless.

Instead, I'm looking for some kind of software which I can run on Windows 10 which hooks into the audio stream for a specific program, such as "this particular instance of Pale Moon", and then processes the audio stream in real time, without me having to "train" it, in such a manner that it "erases" the background music while keeping the talking by the streamer.

I keep hearing about "AI this" and "AI that" every single day, but I never notice any actual intelligent/smart software. Surely this is an extremely common problem and which would be perfect for "AI" to fix by somehow analyzing the audio stream and determining what is background music and what is talking by the streamer?

It would be okay if it takes a few seconds for it to "kick in" as it analyses the audio feed, but I'm again not interested in anything which requires me to sit and fine-tune it constantly and manually. The point of the utility would be for it to "do its magic" in a "plug-and-play black box" kind of manner; I'm sick and tired of cryptic applications which vaguely promise to do something but turn out to be a nightmare to install and configure and then end up not actually working after all. (I've dealt with countless of those over the years.)

Of course, this would work the same for any kind of video (streamed or not), but my particular use-case is with live video streams on Twitch.

Is there such a thing, for free?

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