I am used to making SSH settings via a standard ~/.ssh/config file; but in Linux/Unix we generally don't have that.

Now, I can use Cygwin's command-line SFTP client, but I'd like one that has a GUI.


  • Gratis
  • Uses either a Cygwin user's .ssh/config file, or an ssh client config file at an arbitrary location

Nice to have:

  • Libre license
  • Open source
  • Behaves like WinScp...
  • Not too "heavy"
  • ~/.ssh/config is not really a configuration file for GUI clients. It does not define sessions in a way GUI clients do. It defines defaults for a specific host. It for instance does not allow you to define a multliple sessions to the same host (e.g. with a use of a different username). – Martin Prikryl Apr 6 at 5:45
  • @MartinPrikryl: It's not a configuration file for GUI clients, it's a configuration file for making SSH connections, and I want its capabilities, i.e. not a small subset of them which the GUI client has enabled through its configuration dialogs. – einpoklum Apr 6 at 7:40

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