Melodyne does exactly what I need but it is UI only. I'm looking for a way to shift formant of the voice programmatically. ffmpeg, sox, praat..? How can I do this?

In speech science and phonetics, a formant (phonetics term) is the spectral shaping that results from an acoustic resonance of the human vocal tract.

What kind of application are you looking for? Command line or python package.

What operating system do you want the application to run on? Linux

What budget do you have? 0

What features must the application have? The ability to change voice formant.


The python library praatio which makes extensive use of Praat includes the capability to raise/lower all speech formants by a fixed percentage amongst other possible manipulations. The documentation can be found at http://timmahrt.github.io/praatIO/ and some examples in a Jupter Notebook here.

  • Python, praatio & Praat are free, gratis & Open Source
  • All of the above runs on multiple platforms
  • There is considerable additional capability
  • Various licences apply (PSF, GPL & MIT)

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