What is a good software to convert *.pdf files into *.emf files? I've used Inkscape via the terminal but it's awfully slow and turns ~ 20 MB pdf files into ~60 MB emf files which is a lot if you want to integrate them into a *.docx. If I open the Inkscape GUI, it struggles with handling my 20MB pdf files. Moreover, Cloudconvert.com managed to turn the same pdf file into a 3 MB emf file. Is there any good free (ideally open source) software solution for windows to turn *.pdf files into *.emf files?

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    The company I work for has a product called LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional that might work for you, but since you specifically asked for a free solution, I’m not going to post it as an answer. It is a Windows printer driver and file converter. You can open the source PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader or other viewer and print to ePrint and save the output as EMF. If you can’t find a suitable solution and would like to try ePrint, download the free evaluation edition here. – Amin Dodin Apr 6 at 2:09

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