I need a cloud (not self hosted unless its very simple to setup) storage product that supports a .gitignore style file. Eg I have


c:\sync is the root folder, everything inside of folder1 that matches the .syncignore format is ignored without warning.

The requirement for without warning is important. So far I have no found a single cloud hosted product that will do this.

OneDrive allows blanket blocking file extensions however you this shows hundreds of warnings if you have these files in your onedrive.

Dropbox, google drive, sync all do not seem to support anything like this.

Requirements are it has a windows client (like onedrive, dropbox etc). History and does not lock files. LAN transfer to other known clients would be amazing.

Can someone list a product which supports a .syncignore file or describe a method to achieve this. Self hosted is an option if it is simple to set up. We have access to azure blob storage.


Nextcloud now supports such behavior, though some have described the feature as buggy.

See the issue in the tracker.

Nextcloud is self hosted, but I believe that most would characterize setup as simple.

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