I am very new too the whole world of frameworks and libraries and this way of working. In the past I have used a mix of traditional HTML, CSS, JS, PHP ect to create websites. I recently found out about using Frameworks and Node.js and NPM and i’m looking to create a web app using some form of these.

I have watched many tutorials, done a bit of research but have i’m not too sure on what too use? I have come across angular, react, socket.io and many other tools but I don’t know what would be the best/work for what i’m trying too do

My idea:

  • Simple web application where users can login using 1 specific 0Auth2 API service (Twitch.tv)
  • Once logged in, you can either “Create” or “Join” a “Room”
  • Creating a “Room” will generate a url. Other users can go to this url, login and then join that room.
  • The creator of the room will be the “Owner” and can close, kick members/ manage the room
  • Users can join and leave the room
  • The owner can sort all the users in the room into groups, and apply other functions on the users.

Note i’m not looking for users too be able to chat, just too join rooms that have been created by another users

I was looking into using a combination of react, nodejs, socket.io for this but i’m not sure. Another option would be using Angular and firebase?

When researching Socket.io, i found I can create rooms and have users join them, but I couldn’t find anything on having room “owners”, it just seemed like everything would connect to a server

I’ve been stuck on this for a while so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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