Some may consider this a frivolous question, but I think it's on-topic and it's important to me.

Over a decade ago, I had a Red Hat Linux (cannot recall the release) with a collection of default screensavers. One of those screensavers took a picture of whatever your display was at the moment the screensaver kicked-in, and then added the effect of raindrops falling causing overlapping ripples transparently. (With varying intensities of rain.)

Does anyone knows the name of that original Red Hat screensaver -and a windows equivalent, secure, preferably open source? It would really make my day (I tried googling lots of times but for some reason never found anything).

The picture in this link gives a rough idea of what I mean (the screensaver I'm trying to identify had much better ripple overlap quality, and clear transparency not disturbing any background colors...)

A still frame:

enter image description here

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