A software that perform a text and process mining in generating definitions of terms and word to vec graphs, indexes, diagrams, automated generated reviews, map of synonyms, list of possible anagrams or mnemonics, and support text to speech output.

I heard once about Volley knowledge engine. It is like a content learning engine with database automation. The hub synthesizes micro-courses, briefings, and quizzes automatically generating and recommending learning.

I've been wondering if is any app or tool out there for this purpose. Note that I have put together some concepts and that I had contact with, and if someone who can grasp the idea and how its possible outcome look like, please leave an insight.

It's an idea for the treatment of information and data in PDF files for learning in impaired disable individuals for implementing state-of-the-art skills training. Build in modular algorithms for a chatbot like a tutor, or more like an instructor or 'oracle' built with a no code-drag and drop framework. It would use NLP with a trained GPT-2 openAI model. Possible also a Bayesian machine learning answerer and generator of questions on a neural network database trained with the extracted PDF files.

It would be cool if it could generate automated concept maps as well.

It would run in windows 10 and latest android. With the pricing of a Spotify or Netflix premium subscription per month via PayPal.

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