i'm looking for a JS/jQuery-Tool for a web application where i can allow users to draw their own diagrams. It would be nice to have something like rectangles, arrows, text and a undo-button.

i actually found this tool but this is only for drawing and erasing.

does anyone know some tool i looking for?

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You can use on of these libraries:

  1. Draw2d works across devices and browsers (check the example section)
  2. GoJs
  3. here you can see a little comparative about some drawing libraries

I recommend you read about the differences and scope of the libraries so you can choose the best for your application.


Essential Diagram for JavaScript supports creating any kind of diagram. Diagrams can be user created (interactively) or scripted programatically.

The whole product is available for free through the community license if you qualify (less than 1 million USD in revenue).

I work for Syncfusion.


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