I am trying to build an app like Coursera, with high emphasis on student activities follow up as a way of encouragement. So I am mainly concerned with the ability to have a newsfeed that shows messages like

  • Student X finished Assignment X
  • Student X submitted project Y in time
  • Student X got a full grade for the 3rd time in a row

plus bonus and points system like that of Duolingo

plus mobile app for simple notifications, newsfeed and points tracking

Are there open source frameworks or existing online systems that I can customize for my needs?

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You can use Open edX:

  • free and open source
  • MOOC plateform used by many universities

I guess that they might be interested in some gamification mode, but so far there is none.


Take a look at Team Mates:

TEAMMATES is an online peer evaluation and feedback system for students. It is free for use, and all you require is to request for an account from us. With TEAMMATES you can,

Create new courses and easily upload student details. Create sessions. There are two types of sessions:

(a) Team peer evaluation sessions with fixed questions: These come with preset questions optimized to measure contribution of team members and give peer feedback to team members.

(b) Feedback sessions with customizable questions: With these, you can set your own questions and set visibility (who can see the responses) and anonymity level per question. This is suitable for other feedback paths such as peer feedback between teams and for feedback from instructors to students.

See here for more details about different session types.

View reports of responses, and moderate them before publishing the responses for students to view.

It also includes the option of peer review within teams or courses.

Not sure about it being fully open source it is free, already does a lot of what you are asking for and they are open to contributions and enhancements to the system and the source code is available on-line you would have to look into the licence and hosting options.

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