I want a tool for a quick analysis scan of my source code.

My problem is that currently we use SonarQube but this thing is too fat to be used locally and it's now configured to run only in a certain branch and after a commit.

I want a tool to quickly generate a report locally, fix issues and then push the code to SonarQube for a final quality test.

When searching I found this post, it mentions some tools but I have no idea what fits my requirements.

To sum up, a tool for:

  • Code analysis in Java.
  • To be installed locally(Main os Vista/7 although not a problem if it's a webapp for Tomcat or Wildfly).
  • Lightweight and fast extra extra bold here :).
  • I am not currently interested in test-coverage but it will be nice to support this too.
  • Gratis, will be nice if it's open-source too.
  • Easy configuration.
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    "Lightweight" and "fast" are not good descriptive terms, and answer responding to those terms will be just opinion, and SR isn't about opinions. You also aren't clear on what you are willing to trade away; all that "heavyweight" stuff is presumably doing something useful. Otherwise you'd be satisifed with the "lightweight" empty set of tools you are running "locally" now.
    – Ira Baxter
    Commented Jun 28, 2014 at 10:42

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Jetbrains the makes or the IntelliJ IDE have a code analysis tool for Java. It comes bundled with both there Community and Ultimate editions of IntelliJ.

  • Seems to be pretty fast usually runs while you are using there IDE
  • Can be run from Command Lines
  • Java Code
  • There ide does Test coverage but I'm not sure you can use it outside of their IDE.
  • Community Edition of IDE is free.
  • I have run the Command line version and didn't find it to be that hard.
  • It was a shock when I first encountered it, coming from Eclipse, very very helpful! Only thing is that it analyzes opened IntelliJ projects but that's expected.
    – dimzak
    Commented Sep 18, 2015 at 15:29

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