Can you recognize Rocksteady, Reggaeton, Raga, Mandopop, Dubtronica?

I am looking for an app/webapp that would play me tracks of various genres.

The user interface would show me a "Show genre" button. I would think in my head (for instance: "hmm sounds like Dangdut) and press "Show genre" to reveal the answer. Based on whether I was right or wrong, I am able to rate myself, and this data is used to play me more tracks of this genre over the day. Similar to the concept of Anki and other SRS apps.

If I don't press "Show genre" before the end of the track, the next track starts playing immediately. It continues playing tracks all day, concentrating on the genres whose name I tend to forget.

  • Free
  • YouTube-based mashups are OK
  • a few hundred genres, for instance those

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