I am looking for a simple , free for commercial use, contact form.

It should look something like this:

enter image description here

It should have client-side HTML/CSS and JS to send an AJAX request to my server, plus some PHP on teh srver to handle the AJAX request & send the email. Input fields should be checked for non-blank on the client side (except an optional 'phone number field, if any). It would be nice if the email address were validated, but that is tricky, if not impossible.

I would prefer if the server-side PHP returns an HTTP status code to say whether the email was actually successful, so that the user can receive conformation (and be prompted to call, if the mail cannot be sent).

Visually, I would prefer something simplistic, although I guess that CSS can take care of that.

I place the highest priority on simplicity of adding the code and configuring it, with clear documentation. A single PHP file would be a bonus, as would inline jS & CSS - I do not want to have to add entire directory trees.

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