The only app I've found that works is Remmina, but of course that only runs on Linux. Apparently the issue is with encryption, which I don't even need because all traffic is staying on my LAN (behind my pfSense firewall). So, although it's not idea, I could just disable VNC encryption, but I haven't found a way to do so as of yet.

For Win/Mac VNC clients so far I've tried:

  • uVNC client
  • RealVNC Viewer (aka VNC Connect)
  • Default "Screen Sharing.app" on macOS

None of them work. What app on Mac and/or Windows meets the encryption standards that Fedora and/or Ubuntu are using for the baked in "Screen Sharing"?

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Try Anydesk. I guess this may help you.

It works cross-platform and you can configure it to work on your local network.

  • Thanks, @Atif Ali. I'm not looking for a 3rd party solution like this, however. I have used TeamViewer and it does work fine, but I want a VNC client that will work with the default/built-in "Screen Sharing" feature of Fedora and/or Ubuntu Linux (Desktop GUI OS). Mar 28, 2020 at 18:09

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