My HP notebook dont have any optical drive. currently Windows 7 & Windows 10(x64) are installed back to back. So I am seeking for one which the OS would recognize as a optical drive & that is simply not just for mounting any ISO but doing other simulation jobs also. I tried a couple of programs but none showing as optical drive on Windows explorer. Is there any such software?

  • Your question is too vague. May you please give some examples of simulation jobs.
    – NickDelta
    Mar 20 '20 at 1:33
  • @NickDelta e.g Cannot make own Windows10 system repair disc(on GUI) since there is no such in my knowledge.
    – bijay
    Mar 20 '20 at 4:45

Voila! the program Virtual CD did the job. https://www.virtualcd-online.com/ Got a clue here.. https://superuser.com/questions/183865/is-there-a-free-program-to-emulate-a-dvd-writer & Virtual DVD/CD writer to emulate a physical writer and writable disk? My system screenshots.. https://imgur.com/a/8S7hvnK https://imgur.com/a/qSrXMSX https://imgur.com/a/5xHk64l Then need some adjustments in the settings & you are ready to go.

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