Recently my employer tasked me with finding a solution to a very specific problem:

In our software we have a module that allows you to visualize, customize and interact with a dwg file in an asp.net web page, but this module is dependent on very old components that aren't sold nor maintained anymore (for reference, it supports only a dwg file saved in autocad 2000 format, it's a nightmare) and it's starting to give problems with the latest OS updates, so we need to switch to a more modern solution and I was tasked with finding said solution.

Problem is: I know basically nothing about autocad, but we're a pretty small business and the programmer who worked on it originally left years ago.

Back to the module in question, I need to find some form of alternative to get roughly the same result.

What the module does is draw the dwg file in a blank canvas, then fill the closed polylines with colors based on conditions it gets from an external database (for example, color in orange all the rooms that are bathrooms, things like that).

Once the dwg is loaded clicking on a label or a room(polyline) will open a link to a page containing info about it.

If a room is clicked the server will look for the labels found in the same layer and inside the coordinates of the polyline. Here's a couple of examples of the result:

Dwg in the old module / Fire extinguisher (click images to enlarge)

Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of component/technology i could use to achieve something like that? Mainly in asp.net and c#

I'm not sure about price considerations, but knowing my employer, he'd rather pay 10k now than 100 a month, so licenses with a one-off payment plan would be preferred. Open source limitations/obligations are fine.


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