I am a teacher who is trying to make instructional videos during the corona lockdown. I want use a presentation for the instruction while recording the screen.

I use latex beamer for my presentations and I would like to use my mouse to make certain notes on the slides during the presentation as a replacement of my whiteboard in the classroom.

Microsoft PowerPoint has a built-in pen feature that allows the use of the mouse as a pen during a presentation. However, I refuse to use PowerPoint since the typesetting for equations and formulas is terrible.

Is there a similar freeware program that can present pdf presentations and allows drawings during a presentation? So far I have bad luck with pdfpresenter. It seems to be outdated.

I am a Windows 10 and Linux Mint user.

Could someone help me out?

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I think you could use Okular because it supports pdf annotations.

When you are presenting your document in Presentation mode (View > Presentation, or Ctrl + Shift + P), you can hover on the top of the slide to bring a toolbar to choose the color of the pen and several other options.


In adobe you meet this need, follow a very simple guide...



I'm currently looking for the same feature myself and found pdfpc to have this functionality, and some other nice things, like multi-monitor presentations with slide preview. The interface is quite terse, but everything's described well in its man page.

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