I am preparing to move the courses I teach online. I would like to incorporate a platform that has the following features:

  • The students can publicly ask questions.
  • The students can upvote (and maybe downvote?) these questions.

This would allow me to prioritize popular questions so I can more efficiently communicate with students. Are there any platforms that have these capabilities?

I don't think google forms, surveymonkey, etc... have these features.

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You can use the collect ideas feature of PollUnit. Your students can add ideas (or questions). Those questions can be upvoted. You have different sorting options including vote count. Optionally you can allow commenting per question.

Example PollUnit Collection

You can also create PollUnit votings where participants can also add options or questions. You can choose from different tools for prioritization like dot voting or star rating. I think the difference between a PollUnit voting and a PollUnit collection is best explained by the attached screenshots.

Example Dot Voting

PollUnit is free for teams up to 40 people. Your students can also participate without registration.

Disclosure: I am one of the developers

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