What I'm looking for: A image/document manager thats easy to install and maintain for personal use on a Mac/OSX.

The Problem: Like many, I have a whole bunch of image/media files- JPG, videos, PDF in a big folder. For some people this is the Camera Uploads folder in Dropbox. Basically, like many people, often when time is short photos from various sources are dumped into a folder to "parse" later. Some are family photos. Some are receipts, invoices, documents, business cards. Some are what I'd call "private non-family" photos like a photo of a cut on my thumb I took for my doctor.

Now, currently, I need to parse thru those and organize them. I wish there was a better way...

The biggest pain is OCRing all the non-photos so they are searchable. Another great one would be to move or tag all non-photo documents. (Ie, I want to store family photos in a different way than a tax receipt, and I want to slideshow them without hitting finance docs.... "Here's a photo of me in Mexico- and whoops here's my annual income statement")

Any thoughts?

I looked at Paperwork (https://openpaper.work/en-us/) but it won't work easily on a Mac. I'm looking for something simpler to maintain and install, if possible.

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