• Looking a Windows stand-alone app (if it runs on Linux that fine too :) Commercial products are OK.
  • I have been using FrontPage 2003 to this date
  • I compose tons of pages locally as logs/notes
  • I will not upload these pages to the web
  • My pages do not include Javascript (scripting)

Before you read further:

  1. I have been using FrontPage2003 to create hyperlinked notes/logs that are stored as "clean/not bloated" HTML.
  2. I know about HTML tags but it's not something I want to look at when I am logging issues and thoughts as Text/Images.
  3. I want to look at rendered HTML at all times. My logs are organized as One-level peer directories like below per project.

enter image description here

What features I currently have/use:

  1. WYSIWYG editing (keyboard shortcuts to assign heading 1,2,3,4, numbered-list)
  2. Drag and Drop of links from the browser history bar or address field.
  3. Pasting of clipboard images or HTML
  4. Tabbed interface to quickly select which file I want to edit (I could live with a large popup list of currently opened files to select from).
  5. I do (local) hyperlinking of my pages
  6. I do use some CSS. Most of my pages have the same template inline (AKA: style sheet inside the head/head tags) some use a shared external style sheet.

What feature I want to get:

  1. Folding (AKA collapsing) of headings inside the editor not necessarily when viewed in a browser I seldom use the later. IOW, I am looking for an editor feature to fold to headings only, and NOT JavaScript to fold when viewing in a browser.
  2. Alternatively to folding the headings a sidebar with an outline of all the headings would assist in seeing the forest from the trees.
  3. Mouse-wheel zoom would be a plus :)

I searched and I searched but Many reviews talk about Atom, Notepad++, coffecup, brackets, ... which all seem about coding (JS etc...) rather then composing text WYSIWYG. I seldom drop into the HTML code.

I have MSWord2010 and could move to 2013, but I am not sure I can trust it for my HTML to Microsoft. In the past it did weird things to stored HTML. I do like the fact it has a Navigation Pane as shown in the snapshot below. You can double click the outline and it will jump to the corresponding heading.

Thank you, your insights much appreciated.

enter image description here

About MSWord, if I load a copy of an INDEX.HTM into Word and fake-edit (Ctrl-K) a single link, for example. Word will injects all kinds of garbage, see this file compare below. The HTML on the left is Word saved after a single small edit. It spews and injects tons of weird styles... NO WAY JOSE, I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN

enter image description here

  • Welcome to Software Recommendations! From the context I assume it should work on Windows (as all the programs you've mentioned are Windows progs), that correct? As all mentioned products are paid software I further assume you're willing to spend some money if needed. What would be the limit you've set for that? And are subscription fees OK, or only one-time payment? – Izzy Mar 14 '20 at 10:30
  • Most of your assumptions are correct. I am stuck in Windows and for example many CAD programmers are designed for Windows/Mac alone, probably for good reasons $$$. I am in the process of moving my Windows hosting to Linux butting against the case sensitivity of Linux, I am strongly against anything case sensitive :) including programming languages. If you have some commercial software in mind please suggest I will certainly look into them. – Meryan Mar 14 '20 at 13:45
  • Sorry, but all that I have in mind is improving your question so you can get answers really matching your needs. I don't use wysiwyg HTML editors but prefer to keep my HTML code slim (hence using a plain-text editor). So maybe you could edit your question with the missing details? – Izzy Mar 14 '20 at 16:08

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