I have a Windows laptop which has a Wi-Fi NIC inside, that's all the hardware that is needed to become a Miracast receiver.

Now I need some software that runs on Windows 7 and that supports this stupid protocol* and can turn my laptop into a "TV" that my phone (Windows Phone, but Miracast is also supported on Android) will recognize. Price doesn't matter as long as it's not something extreme like 500$.


*stupid because it's branded under a zillion different names, looks like a proprietary and obfuscated technology that's only designed to sell dongles and these not-so-Smart TVs.

  • Is your computer widi compatible? anandtech.com/show/6312/… Jun 24 '14 at 18:07
  • @shub no, I have an Atheros card, but as I said before all of this is can be done in software (and I'm pretty sure the Intel hardware requirement for WiDi is bullshit too).
    – user111
    Jun 24 '14 at 19:35

I have used AirServer for recording Miracast from my phone. We are exploring using this so that students learning Python can see their Raspberry Pi's screen on their laptop (saving money).


This is a feature that is supported in Windows 10. Open up "Settings" and browse to System > Projecting to this PC. Change the Always Off option to Available everywhere on secure networks.

When an attempt is made to connect via Miracast, a notification will pop up in the action center asking for permissions. After accepting, the cast will be displayed on the primary monitor.

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