I am new to programming and would like some advice on the best approach for tracking user location for IOS and Android.

My use case involves locational data of a user in relation to another user.

What I am failing to understand is how to get almost constant geolocational data, since Android APIs only allow location tracking every 15 mins (I'm assuming IOS is similar/stricter) - it looks like my only solution for almost constant lat/long tracking is with a foreground service.

I have been trying to think of a more creative way to track location without a foreground service and one was by creating background Geofences.

Specifically, if I create a geofence around a device, when the device leaves the fence I could destroy the original on_exit and create a new one around the device again and repeat. This way I can track the location of the device and also track which other users enter/exit the devices' geofence.

I'd be interested in hearing others ideas, or if anyone has a third party SDKs/packages that can help

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this...



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