After the switch to Ubuntu 19.10 the most important application I miss is a serial terminal. Under Windows I used RealTerm every day. I tried some of the Linux alternative (i.e. CuteCom, CoolTerm, etc...) none of them can compete against RealTerm.

Unfortunately I also have troubles to run it under Wine.

Is there any good serial terminal under Linux, even payware? I need, at least:

  • change format (raw, vt100, hex, hex+ascii, binary, nibble, 5/16/32/float, etc...) on the fly
  • capture and send file options (overwrite/append/timestamp, char/line/file delay, repeat)
  • sync options (leading/trailing char, ...)
  • pin's state
  • send as number/hex/ascii
  • append cr/lf/crc

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