There are many open-source for task management software these days, as noted in e.g.:

However, I cannot if any of those tools support the following:

  • Ability to self-host (install on own (Linux) server)
  • Multi-user (ability for multiple users to log in)
  • Gantt-chart would be nice

... and - one thing important for my use case - is that the software supports different spreadsheet views: as one example - Have a user/participant name as column header, and each respective task assigned to that user, shows up in a row under that column:


... then have also the same information represented, so each task is one row under Tasks column, followed by assigned users/participants column:


It would be great if also all tasks - in any view - also show their associated attributes, like due date, severity, etc. Even better if, for example in the second view, you could sort tasks by date, severity etc.

Is there anything like this out there?

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