For security reasons this is not allowed by default (JS send directly to the printer, something to print)

The program requirements would be:

  • work on windows 7

  • be free (or open source)

  • print to the standard windows printer or be able to choose which printer to use.

Has anyone needed this feature?

Thanks in advance

  • What kind of document do you want to print without confirmation? – Alejandro Mar 9 at 10:52
  • A non-tax coupon or kitchen order. – Ewerton Dutra Mar 9 at 11:15
  • So this is an in-browser document? And the print is initially triggered by....? Some user interaction with the webpage or browser itself or ...? – MrWhite Mar 11 at 22:36
  • printing will happen in the browser (Chrome preferred). who will start printing will be the user clicking on a "print" button – Ewerton Dutra Mar 12 at 2:07

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