I am looking for the source of a small videogame I can embedd on a onepage website. I am looking for something very simple like pong, or an 8-bit kind of arkanoid. The goal is to embed it on a small project I have (one page website, ideally static)


Have you checked the Awesome Self Hosted list? https://github.com/awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted

I believe you can find something suitable under "Games" heading.

  • looks pretty cool, ill take a look
    – johan855
    Mar 10 '20 at 11:59
  • not much games content, some too flashy and elaborate, more than pong or arkanoid at least
    – johan855
    Mar 10 '20 at 12:11
  • 1
    This one has MIT license check it out. Two player pong game: github.com/toivjon/html5-pong
    – Ali1928
    Mar 10 '20 at 12:43
  • this looks great thanks a ton!
    – johan855
    Mar 10 '20 at 12:49

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