I'm looking for an online IDE/compiler which supports C++/CLI. I've been hunting around and can't seem to find one:

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The key here is to find some service that supports MSVC and then compile with the /clr flag. Of course other compilers may also work fine if they have C++/CLI frontend, but currently cl.exe is the only choice. Luckily rextester does have MSVC and can also run .NET binaries. Just add /clr to compile C++/CLI code. See demo:

C++/CLI program in rextester


Unfortunately MSVC in rextester is no longer free. Now you have to be a patron to use that

If you just want to see the output assembly then things are much easier because you don't actually need the runtime environment, just a proper compiler. You can use Compiler Explorer, select one of the MSVC compilers then prepend /EHa /clr to the options and see. The /EHa is necessary to override the default /EHs


C++/CLI assembly output on Godbolt

In fact Compiler Explorer supports running binary and also has wine but I don't know why the execute option was disabled for exe files

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