I need a family tracking app that:

  • Free;
  • Has emergency button (prefferrably on the first page);
  • Doesn't require login beyond phone number;
  • Lightweight.

Anyone ?

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Life360 - been using it for years and they've really improved battery performance/usage.

Free, but also has paid version for more options.

Has safety features for road side assistance or to trigger a help alert.

Manage "circles" of people, who can see each other. Multiple different circles allowed.

And with the push of a button, get directions to someone in your circle.

  • Probably the best. Could have the emergency button on the first page though. And could be lighter (there are apps of the kind with 3 MB - this one takes 30). If no better answer appear soon, yours is it.
    – Lucas BS
    Commented Mar 1, 2020 at 12:23

There are some Google solutions I think might help.

Edit: they all need a Google Account (Login) so it doesn't meet all your requirements.

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