I use Windows 10 and prefer free software. After I define time intervals (e.g. every 5 or 10 s), is there any that can capture pictures from a video file? Undoubtedly it's too unproductive for me to hit Print Screen manually, especially for lengthy videos!

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Use FFMPEG. It's the famous tool for manipulating video and image files. To extract images every 5 seconds run the command like this

ffmpeg -i videofile.mp4 -vf fps=1/5 img%03d.jpg

fps is the number of frames per second, so fps=1 will save an image every second, and fps=1/60 will do that every minute. See Create a thumbnail image every X seconds of the video


You can give Shotcut a try. It's a free and open source video editing tool. It works on FFMPEG.

To start with there are also some tutorials: https://www.shotcut.org/tutorials/

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