I use Windows 10 and prefer free software. After I define time intervals (e.g. every 5 or 10 s), is there any that can capture pictures from a video file? Undoubtedly it's too unproductive for me to hit Print Screen manually, especially for lengthy videos!


Use FFMPEG. It's the famous tool for manipulating video and image files. To extract images every 5 seconds run the command like this

ffmpeg -i videofile.mp4 -vf fps=1/5 img%03d.jpg

fps is the number of frames per second, so fps=1 will save an image every second, and fps=1/60 will do that every minute. See Create a thumbnail image every X seconds of the video


You can give Shotcut a try. It's a free and open source video editing tool. It works on FFMPEG.

To start with there are also some tutorials: https://www.shotcut.org/tutorials/

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