Is there a tool which allow application environment management via GUI?

I have a complex multi-server multi-services application running on premise with multiple environments. I struggle to manage all the environment in proper automated and user-friendly way.

It would be great to see following core features:

  • Display list of environment and its current status
  • Manage (create / destroy / modify) environments through the interace (probably just a trigger parametrized ansible role / custom script / etc would be enough)
  • Display detailed environment status (or maybe collect it from existing monitoring system)
  • Display additional pre-entered environment information (e.g. links to kibana / documentation / guides / etc)
  • Pin environment to user
  • Access management
  • Ideally should be web-based, so no client needs to be installed on user desktop machine

It sounds pretty custom and I wasn't able to find anything which fits the description. Any hint or I have to write it on my own?

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