I originally asked this question in a Superuser post but it was removed and I was told to post here.

I'm a huge fan of the uMatrix browser extension which allows you to control and limit which domains or subdomains your web browser is allowed to connect to when you're browsing a website. For example, stackexchange.com is not permitted to access google-analytics.com but is allowed to access sstatic.net.

I'm looking for a solution which would allow me to control the traffic from all devices on my network in a similar rule-based manner.

Some examples of the type of things I'd like to achieve:

  • Block all devices on my network from accessing google-analytics.com, except for a single machine (e.g. a work computer).
  • Block an IP camera from sending any external traffic except to certain pre-approved domains e.g. update-check.manufacturer.com
  • Block an Amazon Kindle from accessing amazon-adsystem.com
  • Block a "smart socket" from accessing any IP addresses except

Bonus points if traffic rules can be defined using full request URLs (e.g. allow example.com/good/* but block example.com/bad/*.

I'm aware that solutions like PiHole exist but I would like something more flexible, particularly something which would allow me to easily set up custom rules on a per-device basis using either hostnames or IP addresses and which does not rely on DNS alone.

Besides, this type of request has already been specifically marked as out of scope for PiHole.

Ideally the interface should be visual and easy to use instead of relying on text-based rules as with iptables etc.


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