There's a webpage with download links. I need to download all the files listed on it - there are hundreds. Is there an open source app or browser add-on that can do this?

  • Just an idea and not a software recommendation. You could open the web console and trigger click on all download links per js. Something like this: $('.some_identifier').trigger('click')
    – Markus
    Feb 20, 2020 at 17:21
  • Sounds interesting, I'll investigate and try that. Thanks
    – Ne Mo
    Feb 23, 2020 at 21:18
  • 1
    Just learn some simple shell scripting if you do these stuff a lot. It's trivial to get the links in a page (use pup or wget), filter them (with ripgrep), and finally feed them to a downloader like aria2c.
    – HappyFace
    May 28, 2021 at 12:57
  • You can also use this to copy the links in the text selected.
    – HappyFace
    May 28, 2021 at 13:00
  • Python has some pretty robust tools liek requests for making HTTP requests to download things like html pages or linked files, and things like beautifulsoup for parsing HTML. Github probably also has some scripts made by other people that you could use as a starting point May 29, 2021 at 20:54

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I searched around for you and found a few things that might be of help first I found an extension that you can use on chrome that would help with you're situation just in case you're on the computer simple mass downloader

I also found an app that might be of help check it out and see if it helps! HERE!


DownThemAll lets you download all the links or images on a website

I haven't done this in a while though.

I used to use a link sidebar extension, but it's not supported any more.

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