I wish to present images to an audience who will be looking at an Android tablet, but I will personally not be touching that tablet to switch between images. Instead, I want to use my Windows PC to select which image is currently shown on the tablet. In other words, I wish to run some sort of presentation and use my Windows PC to control which slide is currently visible on the tablet, the issue being that I cannot predict in which order I will need to show the slides, and I wouldn't want to show the images in-between slides that I am navigating to/from.

Assume that the PC and the tablet will be on the same WiFi network. Security is not a concern. Also, it is not an issue if the images need to be uploaded on the tablet beforehand, or if there is a lengthy preparation process. The solution does not need to be free.

Bonus points if I can also use the solution to show videos as well (not just images) and/or play music on the Android tablet from the PC -- but certainly not mandatory.

Note that I am not looking for "screen mirror" applications as I will be doing other things on the Windows PC in the meantime, which are not meant to be broadcasted to the Android tablet.

I am curious to hear your suggestions!

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If you create your presentations to use Reveal.js for presenting (there are several ways to do this but outside of the scope of your question) then you can use the Reveal.js multiplex option.

This will involve:

  • Creating your slides as static HTML pages (with just about any acceptable content - including video) & can include speaker notes with the plug-in
  • Starting your show from reveal as master
  • Having a Socket.io server running on the local network (if this is on the same machine you can't have speaker notes) or using a service such as GitHub Pages, Amazon S3, Dreamhost, Akamai, etc. for a publically accessible location.
  • Your audience connects to the server page from their web browser.
  • They get to see what you show them.

All of the above software is available free, open source & cross platform there are likely to be fees for using some of the publicly available services.

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    Thank you for your response, I have upvoted it. Since this was going to require a lot of technical work either way, I decided to just program my own little Websocket-based tool and I used it for my presentation. Your guidance was very good and I appreciate it!
    – hbCyber
    Commented Mar 13, 2020 at 14:44

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