I want to create SYNC BACKUP in a hidden partition and on cloud drives keep a backup of my 2 TB hard disk for date wise and time wise

I tried acronis true image Norton ghost and other but they create big IMG image files even on compressed mode they created 10gb -20gb file which is hard to upload on cloud and keep multiple images of different time

I have readed about windows shadow. Which creates small shadow images. Don't know which folder it keeps the shadow images copies. Does windows shadow can take backup of windows. And system files bootable partitions.

Have an idea to copy these shadow copies .But could this shadow copies can be recovered if yes how we auto backup and restore from windows shadow

Which is best 3rd party software which can take snapshot or shadows of the bootable partitions system program files and document files in SMALL KBS shadows which can easily be stored in the cloud drive

in short brief I am finding software which Creates SMALL in kbs or Mbs volume image backup partitions volumes images

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